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Looking Back to Look Forward

Looking Back to Look Forward

We are certainly living in interesting times!

This year we emerged further from pandemic lockdowns and into what is our new normal. We began the year talking about tech workers, and why they were (and are) in demand. The pandemic showed us that tech is an integral part of every business, not just traditional technology companies.

Austin and STEM

Austin retains its place as a tech hub as investments by major corporations like Tesla, Meta, Google, Apple and Oracle are making it the place to be. It sometimes is compared to Silicon Valley, but the differences are what makes Austin unique and makes STEM the wave of their future.

In order to prepare for tech jobs in the future, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) needs to be a priority starting now. For example, the Austin-Round Rock metro area in Texas has 13.2% of overall employment in high-tech industries. These high-paying jobs are being made available to some graduating high school students in Austin through a partnership with Tesla. Austin Community  College is adding more bachelor’s degree options to prepare students for these jobs as well. An initiative called the Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem is working to make sure that STEM education is available and accessible to all students throughout the area.


Jobs Reports

National jobs reports surprised us all through the year, as jobs rebounded and hiring became more of a  priority. To recruit and retain top talent, employers are embracing work-from-home and flexible schedules, increased wages, and competitive benefits packages. DEI and wellness culture are important, especially to younger workers, who will leave a position that doesn’t fit their requirements for values and culture.

An overwhelming majority of job candidates consider transparency about compensation packages a key consideration in whether they will apply for a position. While this can be positive for everyone, it may take a while for HR departments to craft a cohesive strategy. Transparent organizations will have an advantage in hiring top talent.

Talent Acquisition Trends

We have seen some talent acquisition trends that promise to be around for a while. Recruiting on social media, offering benefits that employees want, hiring for soft skills, flexibility, remote work, and investing in current employees are a few of these.

Partnering with talent acquisition professionals has been part of the conversation this past year. A lot continues to change in recruiting and hiring, and professionals have their finger on the pulse of what top talent is looking for. They can help your hiring team every step of the way to prepare your company for whatever comes next.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and see you all next year!

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