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Navigating the Changing Hiring Landscape

Navigating the Changing Hiring Landscape

Tech talent is still in demand, and Gen Z is becoming a larger portion of the workforce.

Hiring talent in a tight labor market was the topic of a recent SHRM recruiting trends panel. This annual discussion highlighted some key takeaways.

  • Find out from the best candidates how and where they look for jobs. QR codes, text-based interview scheduling, TikTok, and Instagram are among the tools suggested especially for recruiting Gen Z candidates.

  • Workplaces span five generations now, and Gen Z will be 30 percent of the workforce by 2030. Audit your policies and benefits to ensure that you are appealing not just to the older workforce but to the incoming talent. Gen Z is focused on companies that best match their values. They are more likely to accept offers from companies where diversity and work-life balance are respected.

  • Become a storyteller for your company and promote open positions as unique ways for candidates to make an impact. Focus on workplace culture and career paths to generate excitement about the job and the team.

  • Take a look at your compensation and benefits packages. If you can’t compete on salary with deeper pocket competitors, talk to your employees to find out what sets you apart as an employer. Invest in your workforce to make them feel valuable and valued.

  • Consider the minimum qualifications for each open role. If a candidate can do the job or can be taught to do it, perhaps the requirement for a college degree is unnecessary.

  • Create a partnership with schools or nonprofits to increase diversity and build a pipeline of diverse candidates.

  • Reach out to talent in untapped talent pools such as veterans, military spouses, and people with disabilities. With work-from-home now a fixture in many companies, qualified candidates in these pools can be productive and thrive.

  • Create or expand your employee referral program.

  • Build your alumni network. When a good employee leaves, make sure to keep the door open for a possible return. They may find that the grass isn’t greener on the other side regret their departure.

Hiring the right talent happens in an ever-changing environment. Recruitment specialists are one way to bolster your hiring team and get the latest information on candidates and competitors’ offerings. Talent acquisition professionals have their fingers on the pulse of the market and have ready networks of candidate pools at the ready. If you don’t have a relationship with a recruiter, now may be a good time to start.

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