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Tech Hiring Is Alive and Well

Tech Hiring Is Alive and Well

Technology is part of our everyday lives. Even though some of the tech giants have laid off thousands of technology workers, those workers are still very much in demand.

A November 22 survey indicates that nearly 80% of laid-off tech workers found new positions within three months of the start of their job search.

Workers with tech-specific skills have a lower unemployment rate compared to the rest of the workforce.

According to CompTIA, professional, scientific, and technical services have the most job opportunities among tech industries. OpenAI, the company that is developing ChatGPT is actively recruiting, as are other computer systems service companies and legal services companies. These industries employ tech workers including software developers, information security analysts, database architects, and others.

Fintech company layoffs don’t mean that there are no opportunities in this industry. Larger banks and financial institutions are hiring the right talent and tech jobs in this industry are expected to grow faster than average over the next few years.

The manufacturing sector is hiring tech workers with specific tech skills and the Biden administration has invested in creating and growing manufacturing jobs in the United States. Information and communications sectors are showing growth for tech employees.

A senior director with Gartner, Mbula Schoen, says that CIOs are still seeing talent shortages for the tech positions they are looking to fill. Application development, AI and machine learning, Python, and software engineering are among the most in-demand skills and those workers will continue to command higher salaries.

Even though they are still in demand, tech workers are often prioritizing job security when searching for their next position. Less traditional employers, like government agencies, are using this opening to hire top talent. They can offer better stability and work-life balance than traditional tech companies. A recent survey finds that over one third of tech workers are more likely to consider applying to positions with military projects than they were only a year ago.

The National Security Agency is recruiting to take advantage of layoffs to bolster its tech and cyber workforce. The NSA says that cybersecurity is a national imperative and they are hiring to fill the tech gap for that important, cutting-edge work. This hiring surge is their largest in 30 years, and they are looking to hire 3000 new employees.

The Department of Veterans Affairs also launched a hiring initiative in late 2022 to fill about 1000 tech-related vacancies.

Jobs reports continue to show increases in jobs and lower unemployment even in the current uncertain economic climate. The demand for tech talent is still alive and well.

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