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Will AI Replace Talent Acquisition Specialists?

If you have been off the grid for a while, you may have missed AI infiltrating all kinds of things from search engines to medical diagnoses. As with every new technology, it is the best or the worst, depending on who is contemplating it. AI, like every automation before it, is thought to be a threat to some jobs and an asset to others.

For Talent Acquisition, as with most other professions, there are pros and cons to consider.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an underlying platform that other products are built on. It consists of a variety of technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and robotic process automation. The AI engine is a powerful tool for creating efficiencies in many business processes.

What is AI good at?

AI is good at analyzing large data sets. It can recommend what should happen next to finish a task. It can be useful in writing job descriptions because it can learn from successful and less successful descriptions. Like all algorithms, it is only as good as the information feeding it, so a human eye is needed to make sure there are no biases built into the AI process.

AI doesn’t need a vacation or a break. It doesn’t mind repetition. It can reduce errors in tasks. It can reduce bias or emotionally based decisions.

Pros of AI for recruiting

There are cost benefits to using AI-powered software in the recruiting process. It can screen resumes much faster than a human, and if fed the appropriate data, it will do so without bias. It can manage calendars and schedule interviews, as well as keep candidates posted on the progress of the hiring process.

Cons of AI for recruiting

The disadvantages of using AI can’t be ignored. There may be high costs for adopting an AI platform, and small businesses may be priced out of the market. There is no creativity in the output produced by AI and AI isn’t bothered by ethics or morals. Laws are being enacted at the state level which regulate AI in various ways, so someone needs to stay up to date on those regulations.

The bottom line is that AI is here to stay.

Keeping up to date on the uses and benefits of AI while avoiding the pitfalls is critical to your hiring strategy. However, AI can’t solve all the challenges of filling open positions or planning strategies for future hiring needs. Professional talent acquisition specialists will always be needed to provide the human touch for your hiring team and for candidates and potential candidates. And they may even be able to help you determine the best AI-based software for your unique needs.

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